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The platform provides a live chat for news and customer support. With access to current news, especially on the global economy and finance, much more informed decisions can be made. This is not normal for most platforms, but this exchange goes above and beyond to make the trading experience worthwhile for its customers. The accepted mode of transfer of assets on the platform is the use of cryptocurrencies. This is especially strict for the normal individuals that use the platform but are not verified professionals. The verified professionals are allowed to make transfers from their banks. This privilege is afforded to only the professionals that trade on HitBTC.

Has KuCoin been hacked?

On September 25, 2020, the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin was hacked. The estimated stolen cryptocurrency amount is more than $275 million in various cryptocurrencies. On the official website, the KuCoin team explained that the hack was made because of a leakage of the private keys of KuCoin hot wallets.

Unfortunately, there’s limited information available about the team behind the platform and where it is based. The HitBTC website lists a representative office in Chile and a mailing address in Hong Kong, but few other details.

A complete list of the required documents and data is anonymous bitcoin pool economist fear bitcoin herewhich you must submit via email to the compliance manager. hitbtc location The first step towards a secure environment is 2FA for accounts, the extra security layer is offered separately to protect both login and withdrawals.

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For all the positives that surround the HitBTC exchange platform, one would think that they have always been perceived as saintly from the jump. They have been accused of several issues including freezing accounts. When the account of a customer is frozen, they are not able to withdraw their funds. This can be frustrating as the customer may not know how long it will take for it to be fixed. This accusation, however, according to the platform, is a protective measure. The frozen accounts, according to HitBTC, may have been flagged for certain practices. Their prominent customers have blown hot at their frozen accounts, and the issue has been the cause of much-raised dust in the industry.

You will be offered with exactly what you see on our website. in funding, trade.io is proud to provide its loyal contributors with this added value partnership, demonstrating the company’s continued intent to cooperate with the highest calibre participants in the blockchain field.

How much is KBC coin worth?

KBC price chartPrice to USD24h change$ 0.00150-0.15%

Using just one protocol and a single KYC process, Finxflo users get access to cryptocurrency liquidity across the entire market, with low fees and over 25 exchanges and liquidity providers, aggregated for trading rates. Finxflo has already sold out its private sale and has a high potential for an IPO in the future as it is the first liquidity aggregator offering both institutional and retail functionality. Summarily, HitBTC supports a range of tradable cryptocurrencies. They can be traded in pairs, or they could be traded against government-issued or traditional currencies. The choice of trading pair is determined by the trader.

Provided all ID information and still no assistance or reply. I believe my account and tokens may have been taken by HITBTC. Our security measures are in place to protect our users. Please continue your conversation with the support team and they will assist you to remove the 2FA as soon as possible. I can see that one crypto exchanger of our support agents had replied to you in 1 hour after your initial request. I sent all the information requested to verify my account but now gone absolutely quiet and will not respond to my emails or comment. Stay away from this exchange like from fire or one day you will regret your decision and get burned.

The platform is a haven for amateur traders that want to start up. They find the platform very easy to use, and the features are suited for any level of experience a trader has. A lot of token offerings can be found on this platform as well. The traders or users of the HitBTC are provided compulsorily with two accounts, and this is not normal with most trading platforms.

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I guess I was lucky I didn’t because I didn’t get the chance to reset it and hand it over. We have implemented major changes in our product during the last few months, improving every stage of HitBTC user experience. The second essential security function they include with all accounts is their proprietary encryption technology. Wallets are provided for every major coin, available at HitBTC, which means basically every major coin. Manipulation and Brigading are against the subreddit and site-wide rules.

  • These include exchanges, protocols, hardware providers, and even DeFi applications.
  • Probably the most notable upcoming IPO is Coinbase, which is expected to open the doors for other companies to follow assuming all goes as expected.
  • Like every other major industry, some of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain-based companies have big plans to go public and raise additional capital from institutional and retail investors alike.
  • When thinking about IPOs in the industry, it is important to recognize companies that are well poised to gain critical market share and eventually go public.
  • This list highlights companies that are in a strong position to eventually IPO based on their roadmap, traction, and focus in the market.

Where other platforms are offering just the major coins like bitcoin and ethereum, HitBTC offers a large array of cryptos. Even the upcoming and most recent coins are on the platform. While most people already have access to cryptocurrencies, there are a large number of people that would wish to convert their fiat money directly to cryptos on the platform they intend to trade on. This way, they are certain that they are dealing with a legal exchange platform.

When thinking about IPOs in the industry, it is important to recognize companies that are well poised to gain critical market share and eventually go public. These include exchanges, protocols, hardware providers, and even DeFi applications. This list highlights companies that are in a strong ethereum price position to eventually IPO based on their roadmap, traction, and focus in the market. Like every other major industry, some of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain-based companies have big plans to go public and raise additional capital from institutional and retail investors alike.

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HitBTC is also unregulated, so make sure you thoroughly research and compare a range of cryptocurrency exchanges before deciding whether to trade using this platform. Blockfi is a three-in-one hybrid platform that allows its users to trade cryptocurrencies, receive crypto-based loans, and earn interest on their crypto deposits similar to a bank account. A few platforms compete in this sector, such as Celsius and Crypto.com, but Blockfi is one of the most successful. If this IPO takes place, expect strong demand from retail and institutional investors. As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally and the top in the US by daily trading volume, Coinbase will be the largest cryptocurrency firm to hold an initial public offering to date. With over 35 million users and an $8 billion valuation as of 2018 , Coinbase has a lot of potential investors interested in its IPO.

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On HitBTC, there are more than 300 currency pairs that can be traded on over 750 active markets. The availability of a lot of financial assets for trading is one of the main reasons they are one of the most sought after exchange platforms. Established in 2013, HitBTC has been around for a long time in cryptocurrency terms. https://tokenexus.com/ This popular digital currency exchange offers crypto-to-crypto trading on more than 300 coins and tokens, including many major currencies and a host of rarer altcoins. It doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal limits and also offers an over-the-counter service for customers who want to place trades of $100,000 or more.

What Is Hitbtc?

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The two-step verification or two-factor authentication methods which ensures that intruders who want to steal private data or funds do not find it easy or even possible. They also provide cold storage for the customers’ funds. The cold storage or cold wallet is provided by platforms to safely store away assets that belong to their customers, and it is protected from thieves. In the early days of cryptocurrencies, most platforms were not interested in digital currencies that were not Bitcoin. It would seem as though to them, there was no potential for the altcoins.

Trade.io has announced the launch of its partnership with HitBTC Exchange , one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, exceeding upwards of half a billion in daily volume, and operating since 2014. You can still trade Dentacoin against Bitcoin on Coinexchange and Mercatox. The DCN/ETH and DCN/USDT markets on HitBTC will also remain active. Once the market price had the chance to recover, we will consider re-enabling the DCN/BTC trading pair. As per your request and after thorough observation from our side, we decided to pause the trading of Dentacoin against Bitcoin on HitBTC exchange due to the impossible reduction of decimal places.

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The exchange platform does not just provide security of data and funds, but there are always available liquid assets or cash on the platform. Take away high liquidity from any business or platform, and they will fold in little or no time. The spreads are competitive, and that is what traders pray for. Any platform that supports margin traders may have just won the heart of most traders as there is nothing traders appreciate more than trading with leverage.

The trade must be worth more than a hundred thousand dollars before an OTC trade can be permitted. The concept of Trusted Volumes is not a stranger on the platform. HitBTC found a way to support Over-The-Counter trading while merging with Trusted Volumes, which is involved Over-The-Counter buying and selling that includes billions in dollars on an OTC trading desk. This feature is one of the rarest provided by any platform. HitBTC makes it easy for very large transactions to go on safely on their platform.

Asia is one of the most important markets for the cryptocurrency space, and having a regulated exchange is essential to inspire investor confidence. Headquartered out of Singapore, Finxflo is a hybrid liquidity aggregator that has the ability to offer the best rates from both centralized and decentralized exchanges to its users.

These aren’t the only cryptocurrency firms that have plans to go public, with other mining companies and exchanges likely to follow suit. The security afforded to the traders by HitBTC is hardly the only special thing about them.

Big names such as Trace Mayer have been noted to fall out with HitBTC. Compare HitBTC with a range of other crypto exchange platforms to decide whether it’s the right fit for your trading needs. If you’ve assessed all the risks and you’d like to proceed, click through to the HitBTC website and click the “Register” button in the top right corner. Withdrawal fees also apply and vary between currencies. We’ve included the fees for withdrawing a number hitbtc exchange review of popular coins below, but make sure you check current exchange rates to get a better idea of exactly how much moving money out of your account will cost. The only way to deposit funds into your HitBTC account is via cryptocurrency transfer. HitBTC is one of the few exchanges that supports direct fiat/cryptocurrency trading, although users do need to go through a fairly stringent verification process to take advantage of this feature.

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Struggling to navigate or use an interface is frustrating, and there are few traders that have the patience for such complexity, and in all honesty, no one should have patience. An easy to use interface is another golden thing about the HitBTC platform. The customers are very satisfied with the ease of handling their business. If they need help with anything, it is hardly ever related to the navigation of the interface. With the number of positive reviews on the user interface of the exchange platform, they can brag about being one of the best. Traders on HitBTC do not have to struggle with current news and information.

how to trade on hitbtc

Bitmain, one of the largest cryptocurrency mining firms in the world, is rumored to be preparing for an IPO – although the current status of its long-awaited public sale is unknown. It’s been reported that Bitmain is looking to raise a whopping $18 billion in funds from public investors, giving Bitmain a valuation of around $40 to $50 billion. Previously, Bitmain raised $450 million from a private funding round at a valuation of $12 billion in June of 2020; the growth in the cryptocurrency market has no doubt contributed to its huge valuation. Traders depositing a minimum of 100 BTC or 1000 ETH with Sequant Capital will have funds stored securely in a cold wallet managed by the broker. This partnership provides professional crypto traders with direct market access to crypto assets through an FCA regulated company in the UK.

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